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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Social Development  &  Physical medicine ……………………..
As Sri Lanka a developing country, more people keep their concern for earning for daily living needs. Though Sri Lanka, a developing country, Health and Education of people is in a good elevation position. But education, understanding and using Physical medicine for improving their quality of life is in very low level. But Sri Lanka physical medicine is well recognized world widely, and world confederation of physical therapy,membership has been offered to Sri Lanka society of Physiotherapy, several years back. It proves the quality of Sri Lanka physical therapy is in optimum level. But following reasons are restricting the people to have benefit of physical medicine to the Sri Lanka public.
·         Less number of physical therapists are available in Sri Lanka
·         Poor understanding and & Education of physical medicine among public.
·         Programs of physical medicine in media to educated public is very low and probably conducted in English media, not by their mother tongue


·         Sri Lankans school educational & higher educational streams are not included instructions to keep students good quality of physical life through professional managements and ergonomics using physical medicine
·         Only Colombo and the other main cities are providing physical medicine services to public by the private sector. Wasting more time and money for having this service is restricting the rural people to keep them away from physical medicine.
o  Physical medicine is used for curing some physical illnesses only in Sri Lankan health sector and they are not using physical health science for preventing illnesses, bio mechanics for improving sport and total well being of people.
·         Sri Lankan physical therapist are not having opportunity to get improved their carrier studies using researches and experimental developments arrange qualifications rather than ordinary degree.
·         Sri Lanka medical field is poor with the concern and knowledge of physical medicine as well as bad attitudes for the subjects among medical professions keeping the public away from physical health science.
·         Though the well qualified physiotherapist from Sri Lanka universities are not having jobs, but, trainers and several kind of non qualified personal are acting       as physiotherapist in government and private health sectors specially sport medicine.
Above mentioned reasons are leading people to get creating savior problems not only physical but also physiological and follow.

School children are not educated as postural management and it leads to deform their spine and other joints as scoliosis, kyposis, forward head and rounded shoulder posture, changing their pattern of walking.

·         Good posture is not use among to people for their activity of daily living leads many determines aches and pains.

·         In the pregnancy  period  and after delivering mothers are getting more complications due to lack of knowledge about physical medicine and therapeutic exercises such as urine and bowel controlling problems (leaks), postural deformities (lordosis, swan neck, sway back etc..), back neck and joint pains losing the shape of attractive figure leads to physiological depression. All those problems effecting to their families and the society.

o   According to the workload all workers are not using proper ergonomics in working as well traveling. It leads more occupational stress among workers leading to suffer from tension headache, neck and back pains muscular and joint pains with neurological involvements.
·         In the sport field physical medicine is not in use for prevention of injuries though it is used for curing injuries as a treatment method but if this is used to develop players through bio mechanics, big advantage is there to win and get international level sports victories.

·         Proper therapeutic exercises are not use among all kind of people to maintain their healthy and attractive figure and handsomeness. Without diabetic, hypertension cardiac diseases etc..

For the solution of the above problems are have started continuing several problems for the public in their mother tongue (Sinhala) in free of charge.
·         Conducting educational programs for school children and teachers.
·         Educational programs and clinics are conducted for MOH (Medical Officer of Health) office staff and particular mothers(free natal post natal)
·         Lecture and demonstrations for preventing problems among public in all over the island.
·         Educational programs through television, broadcasting, newspaper and magazine articles.
·         We are experimentally studying to use bio mechanics among sport players in national level, and good results are been archived.
Treating the patients in our resident on every Sunday free of charge.

As the result of above efforts, we have achieved awards, titles, thanking letters, opportunity to work as visiting lecturers in allied sciences unit- faculty of medicine Colombo, working as visiting lecturer in nursing training school – Rathnapura.

By concerning all the physical problems among the community we found there should been attention to the cervicogenic tension headache. Because the patient who are suffering from tension headache due to the cervical spondylosis  had not proper solution in medical field. According to our one of research studies we were able to create a symptoms assessment method and found a method to manage the condition.                                                                                       KUMARA PATHIRANA:+94714906449        SUJEEWAWEERASINGHE +94714839710,SUJEEWA WEERASINGHE